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But once in awhile the roommates get something right-

trash day

...and with that, I swear I'm done slapping random crap up here. For tonight.

(yes, my creativity is at an all-time low.)

do you wanna eat do you wanna sleep do you wanna drown?

I used to live alone before I knew ya

The roommates are driving me bananas. I love this house, and I'm certainly glad to at least be living with dudes*, but I never wanted roommates. Of course it was a move of immediate necessity, so none of us had much of a choice (30 day notice to vacate old apartments where we were neighbors, due to sale of property).

I don't know... I just miss my space. And I miss being able to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night in whatever state of undress was the style at the time.

This house is for sale, and I wish so badly that I could buy it. Oh well.

*Ladies, if we're friends, you're in a rare club. I am so much more comfortable around guys - which probably makes me a tramp.

good times for a change

the abbreviated version:

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